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we’ve shared this moment together. i hope we can do it again.

Captured Moments

Travels that worth the risk. Upper Pangangcalan Pigcawayan, North Cotabato, Philippines. We considered ourselves as adventurous because instead of traveling by land, we prefer rode on a boat to experience the adrenaline and it became one of the most memorable happenings in my life. I must say, travels are more adventurous with friends.

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Blog post #12

I’ve been here! so beautiful island!

Captured Moments

Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines. A two or more hours away from city proper. A white sand beach where you can swim and surf. By there, you are going to ride on a boat to pass through the island where “one of the seven wonders of the world” is located, the underground river. The experiences was great and i was mesmerized with the views so i wished to get back there soon.

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Circle of life

Life goes up and down just like a Fairsweel. For you to experience what life really was, you need to challenge yourself. Challenges  offers excitement to our lives. It gives us victory or loss, but the things is it gives us lessons for every decisions that we will choose to conquer those challenges. Don't forget to have a... Continue Reading →

A break with friends

There are some people that made your day diffrent from other days. For me #besties are the best! At times of fall and triumph, friends are always at your side. This picture says it all! This might a #littlethings in your life, but contributes to your lifetime...

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